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Real Wedding- Shayna and Jesse

Shayna and Jesse met their freshman year of college. Both were attending George Washington University and were assigned to live in Thurston Hall on the same floor. For them, it wasn’t love at first sight. She was too loud, and he was too quiet. Slowly, they grew to tolerate each other, and then toleration grew to friendship. By winter of their freshman year, their friendship had turned into much more. After 10 years of dating, Shayna spent a year jokingly proposing to Jesse. Somewhere in all her proposals, he decided to ask for her hand in marriage back where it all began. Although, there were a few bumps along the way.

Real Wedding- Lindsay and Brandon

As cliché as the saying of, “love at first sight” goes, this couldn’t be truer than with the first meeting of Lindsay and Brandon—well, at least for Lindsay. It wasn’t her intention to meet her future husband one weekend while visiting a friend in Albany Ga, but that’s exactly what she got.

Throwback Thursday- The Georgian Gatsby

The Jazz Age, the Roaring 20′s the Decade of Normalcy… no matter the name, the 1920′s hold a significant place in history as being the age of grace and elegance.

Images provide by Sean and Amanda PhotographyRead more

Behind the Design- Great Gatsby- Art Deco Edition

Behind the Design

The Great Gatsby- Art Deco Edition

When asked to design an inspiration table around the Great Gatsby, I knew I did not want to do the traditional gold and soft blush pink look. My vision was to do something that allowed me to think outside the box and create … Read more

Propose”A Detail Inspired Event”

Propose is a luxury wedding showcase dedicated in showcasing the most talented and innovative wedding professionals for modern brides.  Enjoy an afternoon filled with inspiration of distinct details while enjoying the sound of live entertainment, cocktails, sweet and savory tastings, pampering, couture fashion showcase gallery and detailed inspired table designs. Our concept is for the bride and groom … Read more

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