Fit and Fab Just In Time For Your Wedding Day

Losing weight before your wedding day can be stressful with so many get-skinny-quick schemes and blog posts out there misleading women into believing that they can shed pounds weeks or even days before tying the knot.

Most women struggle with weight and image issues on a daily basis and the idea of standing in front of a room full of people who love you yet feeling insecure about your body makes wanting to lose weight a priority for many women soon to marry.

Not only do you want to lose those love handles or maximize those curves, but you also want to alleviate the stress of not being able to say “yes” to the dress because you don’t look or feel your best.

We promise there aren’t any schemes here, just tips to help our future brides get fit and fab just in time for their wedding day.



Start Early

After you’ve decided on a wedding day, you should begin your fitness journey to ensure that you’ll reach your goal. No matter if you’re looking to shed 10 pounds or 50, the road to slimming down should begin months before you say “I Do!” Start by identifying your target areas and focusing on fitness and dietary plans that can contribute to weight loss.

Fitness Should Be A Priority

Working out should become a part of your daily routine once you decide to take on the challenge of losing weight before your wedding day. Get in the habit of reserving time for the gym or fitness class so that you’ll get adjusted to working out. At this point, fitness should be just as high on your priority list as your cake sampling, dress fitting and appointments with your wedding planner. Putting off working out due to a hectic schedule may seem like a justifiable excuse at the moment but you’ll kick yourself for it later.

Simple Sampling

You’re going to be sampling a ton of different foods from some of the best chefs and catering companies in your city in a very short amount of time. With so many appetizers, main dishes and cakes to choose from, you’ll be tempted to try them all but that won’t necessarily agree with your weight loss plans. Try to stay simple in your sampling and take two to three small bites for each dish. This allows you to get an idea of which samples you like without packing on extra calories. If you know you’ll be consuming extra food on certain days try to keep your breakfast and lunch portions small so that you’ll have room for sampling.

Limit Alcohol Consumption

Planning a wedding can be very stressful and trust us when we tell you that we completely understand. After a long week of viewing venues, scouting floral designers and choosing color palettes, you’ll get to a point where the only you’ll want to throw back is a glass of wine. While we completely understand your pain, we wouldn’t suggest increasing your alcohol intake. If you must drink, choose diet-friendly drink and pace yourself.  Try to stick to a maximum of three glasses per week. Skinny Girl Cocktail offers easy low-cal cocktail recipes.

Have A Support System

With all the stress from planning your big day, sometimes you’ll get discouraged or just simply tired and want to stay as far away from the gym as possible. Having a support system (Hello! What are bridesmaids for?) will help to keep your motivated and excited about your weight loss journey. When you begin to feel overwhelmed, bring one of your bridesmaids along to the gym with you. Losing weight and looking good feel so much better when you do it with friends.

Stay Thirsty

With all of the errands you’ll be running, keeping yourself hydrated may fall to the bottom of your priority list. Recent studies have shown that drinking water throughout the day helps you consume less calories.  To help prevent overeating keep a bottle of water in your car, in your office and in your gym bag. This will ensure that you’re receiving your daily intake of H2O and can help you fill up faster.




The Muse Collection by Birks

Made with grace and elegance, yet contemporary enough for the modern woman, the new Muse Collection from Birks Jewellers is the perfect gift to place under the tree this holiday.
Inspired by the patterned ceiling of the first Birks boutique on St. James Street in Old Montreal in 1879, this 18-piece collection includes gilded earrings, stackable cuffs, and layerable pendants and chains that can be worn together, or worn separately, for a look that is all her own. Each piece features an ornamental gold pattern along with delicate filigree arches to create an intricate mesh design that can only be described as perfect.






The Birks Muse Ribbon collection ranges from $1,195 to $5,975 USD. Birks Muse Ribbon is currently available for purchase in-store and online at




The Muse Collection by Birks makes for the perfect gift this holiday season. If you’re still shopping around for the perfect gift for your loved one, be sure to include any item from The Muse Collection by Birks and you won’t be disappointed!

Real Wedding – Abhi and Priya

Abhi and Priya set out on a medical mission trip with Unite for Sight, a global nonprofit organization, which according to their website has provided 1,800,000 people with eye care in North America, Africa, and Asia. While they knew they would be a part of an organization to help improve the visions of thousands of people, little did they know that they would be staring into the “eyes” of their future spouse. The soon-to-be couple had an instant connection due to their many interests and common goals.

MX6YpCPW64z28MqSwZIZByREf1nmgZ5yFFNb9cm-RYA,BaZJDgf44mblLelu0XIkLiIf5m_zqP-HMdRvyjZ4cok--HodWMxdutlulF2hwbgRHAmEJO4QRWZxxia52s0kNA,Mo-UtNiBQssVrQUjCWe9Rfxrq5ff1MkZqaslfxfa_Iw,SK_j24QYy2QnayFSYM8MZ-WEZWeaf9P3upCJonobwlM (1)
The pair dated for four years while Abhi was in medical school at Michigan State University and Priya completed her studies at University of Florida, and then going on to medical school at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Abhi decided the perfect time had come to pop the questions while Priya and her family was visiting Abhi and his family for New Year’s Eve! Abhi suggested that the families play a game of charades. The Rajus played against the Nandans and they had a wonderful time.

NlRD-F0Us5I9jwDQbjjiLgVgDiMAnNBn7zavxJNnrg4,uTASw5wVlz1feTp2RoO9dQIzLM5OnOsHEW8hrlkvS4I,cGKt1QmftwEtdovRvgR8g8Kmx1t0aEh8jzLj7Y4hDjEtZ0r_aEuhqzEpX6KOaonR3xOgJoTVJ7f2H9oMEjXay4,-UpBJwGrT6FMACdo0q5AoSixCDIH8whqljT0oaFUanQ,UIASdr1CyxD_pHFQ3Doqu1l9N_BlfuvIx1h4h7azEew,HORQJRw03Xs6CIO0rvtDQ1qHIPaVmQIJ7IzTxx_xHUUHe held up four fingers, and stared into Priya’s eyes. Completely surprised, she realized this “game” was the making of a “real” proposal. In her amazement she whispered, “Will you marry me?” She guessed it!

2PG76kCeckF23ZZD0WI5G8JPLBqXxPUKk18vpv82YLg,z0OA8FCcamylnLaWh3diSKERCztrtMO2gCKR6vqIIe0,ROpPxnR6q0CkzB2VqTxj0nClgkdiEGpYbk8LL1kgcFgdtBZz3oOR6AOJvmRQg-lWkLOjW2US-yzbgbu3CEv8g8,703k_WQ5E5pbmBgUwTQa3CNAnPr9W6n3NcZdhtlEpH8,h_58m9D5gp2afSuVK_ABhwmgzKX5ghi2XCsZTjc46XkIn the excitement and shock of the moment, she hadn’t given Abhi what he was waiting for, an answer. Of course, it was a “YES!” The most important people in their lives witnessed their engagement. It’s a moment they will never forget.

eDVQ2iWdCu5_CO-0zXrPaVq05jQX43oESJKYFFsKsNI,AdNCe4np3bcAnDWSVsPeOxFpTISJsSn2u-xx9kbP6bk,HuFQxRnBDoJ4r4ZsaQ940w36bRnSmOI2CO_DC_z5FVsThe couple had a beautiful peacock themed wedding at the beautiful Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando, Florida. Their most treasured moment was when they looked into each other’s eyes for the first time on their wedding day for the “First Look.”

IfQg9gIIK_a0yBDvJ7N5EG83NGPiUcHj9rSgt1A7gj8,S54SIc_OTLiwNtWtljV7kLeahppe16qXjMUDsWtnmO0,D5y1vJosG8UsI9FwfL2-3Jaa7CpWhej16xUwr1ZX6Ncpb_qkxB9k1_JDf2ZWeGMmXhd7YTxuoKPqod4UZx5WrA,QAOk8-tKmN54G2z8yukhztAlslos2UJtHNeK2joJvTM,kzHLoLH53b7cGN5UFBiiurVmgOeeauGJBaDJAUsKKRspa5VVOl0ybOlgQs-toHVsyqxsC9Zj0JGsQLrG8RqNxM,nUYaY9jRVuVEWF6J5YXxPk-lw_hPkTdEvmkZO1YLDLI,yjqKsBCXGnuoJpgZzM9MGKJ87X8TQqNKfxdbAPjdkAUZqPfUM2K430ABZ-hQQAck1_wZiWxZQhMKnRPY45YJhA,gJfKbohQPaOc15oaEK1PUBeWUfp8MGgJcElvFjW0DvgA fun, light-hearted moment was when the bride’s brothers wrestled with Abhi for a coconut on their Mandap (altar) in a traditional South Indian Wedding game.


uZU24CMoX7lSYA3Zc1uvcLvZ9b7k_Fij_IUcDYgfUp8,Z76NEATh0MS2M5W1AujdwYShKM2hmU7s75TAfF3bOSI,5-OMFROBt9butTCXeoVPZJE_Z0Bzk4D7jx4RcqW5n1EKUHsjf8EoExifNSEb6P4rxC3RENixdXiBpEMF0bkok0,5UlcpzpSTa7HrsVHkjesp3MLEEoVwywFC3XXB45xGFY,GMUhhZSLYiiGP20P-Ij4cWFbkJo35H8P_uNa1I67FUEAbhi and Priya took in surf and sand at the beautiful Anse Chastenet Resort in lovely Saint Lucia.


Details Inspired By

Wedding Planner Cyndi Benzel

Caterer Tabla Restaurant

Cake Party Flavors

Invitations and Calligraphy

Jewelry From India

Bridal Shop (Gown) Kamal Beverly Hills

Bridal Party Attire Custom made in India

Ceremony Location Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center

Reception Location Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center

Videographer A Moment To Remember/Yonta Multimedia

Music/Entertainment Volcanik Entertainment

Rentals, Décor and Floral Design Occasions by Shangri-La

Officiant Sriniva

The New Brides Guide To Changing Her Name

Officially taking your husband’s last name will play a huge role in your post nuptial bliss because in a sense, you become a totally new person.

For most women, transitioning from Ms. To Mrs. is the ultimate goal and being that everything is officially falling into place for you to do so, consider it a blessing.

With technology and everything else around us advancing so rapidly, it is important to take all of the necessary precautions when it comes to changing your name.

Let us help you navigate through the logistics with informative advice on taking on the world as a Mrs.



Start In Advance

Deciding whether or not you will keep your last name, change it, or use a combination of both is not something you want to put off until the last minute. Some states use the name you write on your marriage license to dictate the use of that name used on later documents, so be very sure before signing any papers. Laws pertaining to name changes vary by state so you will want to read up on those laws before making any costly decisions.



Gather Your Documents

After signing your certified marriage certificate, make a request to receive multiple copies (trust us you’ll need them!) Typically, marriage certificates are sent to you between two and four weeks after your big day so be sure to check your mail frequently. Once you’ve received your copies, you can begin moving forward with your process. You will need to file paperwork for everything that you use as identification. Drivers license, social security card, passport, work id badges – literally everything! Be sure to send copies of your marriage certificate along with your paperwork.



Don’t Forget The Important People

Once you’ve officially changed your last name on your license and social security card, you should begin notifying the important people in your life. By important we mean: your attorney, post office, doctor office, insurance agency and your employer. You will need to submit a copy of your marriage certificate to them as well in order for everything to go through legally.


Support The Cause, Shop Pink

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is “to prevent and cure breast cancer by advancing the world’s most promising research.”

Since its inception in 1993, the organization has raised more than $500 million dollars to support clinical and translation research throughout the world and has become the highest rated breast cancer organization in the U.S.

Breast Cancer survivor and Estee Lauder’s former Senior Corporate Vice President, Evelyn H. Lauder founded BCRF 22 years ago alongside former Self Magazine editor, Alexandra Penney.

Before partnering with Penney, Lauder had already established a partnership with the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, where she helped raise more than $13 million dollars to help fund the Evelyn H. Lauder Breast Center that was created in 1992.

Since then, the organization has dedicated over 9 million hours to breast cancer research and currently partners with more than 100 companies to assist in driving awareness and funding.

One of the largest areas of donations comes from consumers buying products where a portion of the proceeds are donated to BCRF.

Each October, an array of products are being stocked on shelves and updated online donning an exclusive hue of pink and the Pink Ribbon associated with the cause.

Items ranging from health and fitness to beauty products become available to buyers in support of finding a cure.

This year we’ve chosen our favorite pink products to share with our brides.

Each product listed can be purchased here  and 91 cent of every dollar spent will be donated to supporting BCRF’s efforts to end breast cancer.


Support the Cause, Shop Pink!


The Estée Lauder Companies’ Breast Cancer Awareness Birchbox



Evelyn Lauder and Elizabeth Hurley Dream Pink Collection®




Great Skin, Great Cause Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+®


Modern Muse Solid Perfume Keychain®


Kerrington Circle Pouch Key Fob by Tory Burch


Movado BOLD® for Breast Cancer Research

Seating Your Wedding Reception Like A Pro

One of the most important factors that contribute to you having a fabulous wedding day is having a faultless wedding reception that follows.

Pulling off a flawless wedding reception begins with perfecting the seating arrangement for your guests and bridal party.

Guests are an important component when it comes to your big day and you have to provide an unblemished atmosphere to ensure that everyone is fully content so that you can focus on other things (wink).

Let’s face it; whether you’re seating 50 wedding guests or 500, there are always those individuals who just can’t seem to get along.

You want to avoid worrying about petty family drama or silly friend beefs while enjoying your first few hours as a Mrs.

Keep reading for tips on how to seat your wedding reception like a pro:


Know your guests


Photo by: Yitzhak Dala

The purpose of having a seating arrangement is to one, let your guests know that you took time into where they would be sitting and who they’d be sitting with, and also so that you can avoid tension amongst your guests. Be sure to sit down with your honey and go through the lists of names for both his guests and yours. Try to remember simple details about your family and friends so that you won’t sit your cousin Sarah next to your friend Diana who have a hard time being in the same room with together. Your main goal is to avoid awkward situations at any cost.

Make It Clear


Photo by: Grand Atrium

Be sure to inform your guests of their table number before they arrive or as they enter the venue. The worst feeling for a guest is to walk into a venue without a clue as to where they’re sitting. What’s even worst is having family members take over a table and begin to “save seats” for one another and making other guests feel uncomfortable and unwanted. Use name cards and table numbers so that your guests have no questions when it comes to their seating arrangements and no reason to start any commotion.

Help Your Staff


Photo by: Grand Atrium

At this point, you’ve hired a wedding planner, catering company and event staff to help your reception go without flaw. The hardest part of their job is keeping you and your guests happy. In order for that to happen you have to provide a sound blueprint for your guest count and seating arrangements. It’s easier for a catering company to provide impeccable service when they know exactly what they’re in store for when it comes to guests and venue arrangements.


Worry About Yourself



Photo by: West Park Photography

Granted, it is extremely important to have all your wedding guests feeling as comfortable as possible but don’t forget that this day is about you and your new husband. Traditionally, the bridal party sits in the front of the reception venue at a long table with the bride and groom showcased in the middle. This is where you share memories and endless laughs over champagne and dinner with your bridesmaids and groomsmen.


Table For Two


Photo by: Manolo Doreste

If you’d rather spend time alone with your husband during the reception consider a sweetheart table. The only difference between a sweetheart table and a head table is that one includes the bridal party and the other doesn’t. The sweetheart table provides privacy for the newlyweds and allows for them to share intimate moments without disruption. What’s better than being surrounded by people you love yet having the luxury of alone time with the one who loves you?


Finding The Perfect Location For Your Wedding

When we think of the perfect location, most times, we think of the ones we’ve seen in our favorite love story or the ones we’ve imagined from our favorite romance novel.

That typically includes a church or cathedral that has been decorated to fit the theme and color palette of one’s wedding and is filled with rows of their closest family members and friends.

Not to take anything away from those weddings because they are special and scared in their own right, but what about those women who have dreamed of a more luxurious wedding?

A Luxurious wedding that takes place on an island with a group of friends or on the rooftop of their favorite building overlooking New York City.

Finding the perfect venue starts with having a vision and hiring someone who helps you live it out.

Find a good wedding planner who specializes in luxury weddings and more importantly – dealing with luxurious brides.

Set a date and being to look for locations.

When you begin to look for locations, don’t ever count a place out because you think it is impossible to book.

Some of the most “impossible” places in the world make for beautiful wedding locations.

There is no such thing as perfect, unless it pertains to weddings.

Here are some of our favorite wedding locations:

Mike-and-Nishitas-Rooftop-Reception-3Rooftop wedding

Photo By Exquisite Events

1 Canopy Wedding

Lin and Jirsa Photography

5California Wedding

Andrena Photography

52c2faa12c50e_USA11_Astami_PhotosHotel Wedding

Atami Photography

How to “Propose” To Your Bridesmaids

Your fiancé has done his part by finding the perfect ring and the right time to ask you to spend the rest of your life with him.

After the initial bliss of being engaged and the realization of planning and preparing for a wedding kicks in, you soon begin to realize that you cannot possibly do it alone.

Finding the right bridesmaids is no easy task considering the financial and time commitment required of your closest friends or relatives.

Finding women who are dedicated to your happiness, committed to executing your vision and fierce enough to hold it all together when you feel that you just cannot, is a challenge within itself.

But what happens when you do find those people, how do you muster up enough courage to invite them to be apart of your special day?

Calling would be so cliché and let’s be honest, sending a text message screams, “ I know that you don’t really want to do it but I’m paying for your dress so please show up.”

Your fiancé found the courage and now it is time for you to figure out how you will “propose” to your bridesmaids.


Say It With A Gift


Image by Kate Spade

What better way to ask your closest friend to join you on your special day than with a special gift? Let’s face it, a beautiful piece of jewelry lets your friend know that you mean serious business when it comes to your wedding and that you are ready to create lasting memories with them.


Write a heartfelt letter or poem

Image by Marry Grams

Nothing says I love you, I appreciate you, or I need you more than a heartfelt letter or poem. Customize your piece to describe what or how you feel about your friend or relative and why you would appreciate them spending their time making your big day that much special.


Plan a backyard dinner

Image by Troy Grover

Invite your entire intended bridesmaid party to beautifully set up backyard party. Make sure the conversation is easy, the setting is right and that the food is delicious. Before the dinner ends, make an announcement, first reflecting on how you enjoyed your time with the women and then on the special bond you hold with each one of them. As they all get teary-eyed, humbly ask them to join you on your special day as your bridesmaids.


Fall Trends

With the end of summer near and fall on the horizon–here’s a look at what’s definitely in this season. Although garden style bouquets are still popular, the flower of fall is the peony. Available in a variety of colors, these go-to florals make the fall wedding cozy. To compliment the peonies, subtle tones are also in style–so avoid bright oranges and blues. For the fall bride, opt for paler tones such as blush or beige or go dark with aubergine or maroon. One surprising trend for fall is the return of the short wedding dress. Designers like Reem Acra are making spectacular short dresses that let you strut your stuff while still getting a beautiful wedding dress in the process.


The Silver-Studded Wedding

It may be true that all that glitters isn’t gold, but give silver a chance and it will add instant glam to any wedding. Crystal embellishments help to add refinement to a table setting, while also creating a classic, clean setting for your guests to enjoy. Add pops of studded silver to your big day attire,  like the Swan Satin Pump by Manolo Blahnik to carry out your silver-themed soiree. Add touches of crystals to your silver decor to create drama–use crystallized pieces such as table numbers and dimly lit candelabras for the “wow” effect.


Source: Elie Saab


Source: JWDPaperie

crystal 5

Source: Pinterest


Source: Manolo Blahnik


Source: Pinterest


Source: Ashfall Mixed Media Inc,


Source: Pinterest

Jewel Tone Touches

Jewel tone color themes are the latest way for the modern bride to convey a sense of lavishness and elegance. Sapphires, rubies and emeralds all add a rich color texture to your decor. Even transforming your lighting can add a dramatic effect to your reception area. A simple way to see the jewel tone color scheme at its finest is using them in your floral arrangements. The reds, blues and deep purples pop when bunched together and create a cohesive look in your bouquet.


(1) Arrowood Photography, (2) Mike Maez Photography, (3) Celebrations Ltd., (4) Tim Chin Photography, (5) Ceci New York, (6) Pollen Floral Design, (7) BB Photography

Tips to Surviving an Outdoor Wedding

With summer wedding season coming up, it’s important to have a couple of go-to survival tips to making an outdoor wedding a pleasurable experience. Oh-Brides has done you a solid by giving you four tips that will allow you to focus on the beauty of your nature-infused big day.





What’s your tip to couples and guests attending an outdoor wedding?

Oh-Bride Idea: Mirrors

Mirrors have always been a wedding decor favorite and there is a good reason why; they instantly add a touch of glamour and sophistication to the decor. Whether incorporated as a huge wall display of mirrors or small accent details like mirrored table numbers, they are gorgeous and can fit into any wedding style. Here are some of our favorites!

1. The Gallery

Suttons Bay, MI Wedding Photography - Lauren & Jon - © Dan Stewart PhotographyAshley Photographer

2. The Table Number

Susan Stripling PhotographyFondly Forever PhotographySuttons Bay, MI Wedding Photography - Lauren & Jon - © Dan Stewart Photography

3. The Bouquet 2

4. The Table

Colin Miller Photography / Paul Loftland Photography

5. The Fun Details
Ozzy Garcia PhotographyDonna Newman PhotographyThis great piece is actually a reception bar made from mirrors!

Megan Sorel Photography

A Trend for 2013: Luxurious Lounges

2013 is already off to an amazing start in the wedding world. All around us, couples are getting engaged and wedding professionals are bubbling over with excitement for the 2013 wedding season. A new year is fun for many reasons, but in the wedding world, it means one very special thing — new wedding trends! Each year, the color palettes, the themes, and the wedding must haves are different. So for the wedding professional, a new year is like a Christmas Day of creativity and fun new projects. So today to indulge ourselves, wedding lovers, and brides like you we are discussing one of our most favorite wedding trends for 2013: luxurious lounges! The wedding lounge has been around for a few years now, but in 2012 is when they really started to become a wedding favorite. However, this year they are taking a very sweet turn and are swaying toward luxury and all out fabulousness. Not only are wedding lounges gorgeous, they are a major hit with weddings guests. The lounge allows for guests to step away from the hustle and bustle of the wedding reception and sit back and enjoy intimate conversations. Not that the wedding reception is overwhelming, but a having a lounge creates a different atmosphere entirely for your guests and for the wedding reception. If you are planning a wedding as you read this, Oh-Brides suggests that you consider this fabulous wedding trend for 2013. What’s not to love about a wedding detail that is not only gorgeous, but useful? For inspiration, check out the gorgeous gallery of luxurious lounges we’ve got below. 


Will you include a luxurious lounge in your wedding this year? Share your ideas with us here!


 scroll over each photo for credits

A New Venture

In order to create closer ties with our brides, we’ve started a new venture! Comment on facebook with your colors and/or wedding theme and we will create an inspiration board for you. Today I have one for Crystal who is going to have a rustic fall wedding with tangerine, khaki and mocha! Check out her inspiration board!


Share your thoughts and wedding plans with us!


photo credit: cake – anecdotes and apples;  pumpkins – natalie franke photography; table number – via 0namesleft; tablescape – annabella charles photography; card box –; pumpkin aisle –; bridesmaid dress –; bouquet twisted willow flowers

Dressed in White: The White Bouquet

Color is an amazing addition to a wedding, but never underestimate the power and beauty of a all white bouquet. A solid white bouquet is striking in its own way and really makes the detailing of the flowers stand. Check out these gorgeous examples and see why a white bouquet will always make Oh-Brides swoon!


Which one is your favorite?



simply scroll over each photo for photography credit. 

An Idea to Love

In 2008, the Gardian published an article that had the above image taken by David Levene. The picture is definitely striking, but it also shows a fabulous idea for a wedding — inside our outside. This illusion canopy looks like it is floating, but of course the ballons would float away if not otherwise anchored down. The ballons are held to the ground with clear strings, which allows for this awesome canopy. Can you imagine the looks on your guests’ faces if they were able to dance or dine under this for your reception? Or imagine being married under this gorgeous set up? Hear the canopy is used outside, but Oh-Brides doesn’t see any reason why this couldn’t be used indoors over a dance floor or the dining tables? What do you think? Would you like to have a floating canopy at your wedding?



You are the Music in Me

They say opposites attract– but what about the couples’ who have similiar likes, loves, and passions?

Perhaps it’s the passion of a similiar hobby or talent that brought them together in the first place.

The worlds of indie music, acoustic sounds, and folk inspiration have shown through in our generation; this goes along with the vintage theme that many brides are incorporating into their wedding day.

So, for the musically inclined couple, I have some inspiration for you:

Photo Courtesy of Guitar Engagement Photography | Maile Lani Photography

Photo Courtesy of Guitar Engagement Photography | Maile Lani Photography

Do you, or your fiancee play the guitar? Incorporate your love for the 6-string in your engagement or wedding pictures.

Photo Courtesy of

Let your guests know your details of your wedding in musical style– two love bird invites:: available on

Photo Courtesy of Kyla Novak

Last week I gave some alternative guestbook ideas– here is a great idea for a music-inspired or acoustic decorated wedding. Purchase an old guitar from a second hand store, craft story, or wooden decorative guitar and paint or stain it to match your special day. Let guests write their messages (or just names) for a great memento of all you shared in your special day.

Love & Tulle,


Meet You at the Altar

Happy Wednesday Oh-Brides!

My creative juices as a bride-to-be usually are ever-flowing, but everyonce in a blue moon I find my creativity and inspiration for my wedding day come to an abrupt HALT.

This week’s mental block? My “altar”.

Yes, I have the church with a beautiful entry way, traditional pews, but the “altar” is so bare! While you can use florals to decorate the center of your ceremony, why not think outside the box?


Photo Courtesy of

Use a “mantle” as your altar. Decorate with candles, vases, or photos.

Photo Courtesy of

If your wedding theme is outdoors or more ‘casual’, use 4 trunk posts and decorate with vines, twinkle lights, or wildflowers.

Photo Courtesy of

Open the “door” to the new chapter of your life. I LOVE this idea– using different frames and doors to create a backdrop that its creative and corresponding to your colors and theme. You can use more elegant frames and french doors, or use an idea similiar to the one shown above.

What are you using for your altar?


Love & Tulle,




Shoe Love

Photo Courtesy of

Your wedding day marks one of the most important days of your life. It’s a day where you should feel like a princess from head to toe. Today, I discuss the importance of going all out in the aspect of dressing up your “toes”.

While most wedding dresses cover your feet, what’s to stop you from splurging on a pair of “slippers” to complete your fairytale happy ending? Regardless of your style, wedding theme, dress, or budget– you should pick a pair that describes your style.

A simple look (shown above) — the white or ivory ribboned heel can be found at stores online or in-store, such as DSW, Zappos, or Payless. These shoes look pricey but you can snatch them for a steal.



kate spade's wedding line

The next shoes I’m a tad biased to– they’re the ones I am having at my wedding! (Kate Spade, shown above^) Yes, a splurge, and YES, completely NOT needed. But the way I see it, I’m only getting married ONCE– might as well go all out. These fabulous heels are my fiancee’s wedding gift to me. I can’t wait until they arrive! And, you know I’ll wear them again and again.

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

For the simpler and dainty bride– for the bride who wants comfort and chic, take a look at TOMS shoes (shown above). This is a great design for the bride having a more casual, spring or summer wedding with a less formal gown. They’ll be great for dancing in too!

Love & Tulle,


Guestbook Creativity

We’re all familiar with the traditional guestbook signing before the wedding ceremony or before your guests head into the wedding reception. A little “blurb” is written and guests are on their way. Let’s be honest though–once we do have our guestbook we will most likely tuck it away in our new house or apartment, unlike to be looked at until our next wedding anniversary.

A creative and unique idea is to have your guests leave their “prints” in memory of your wedding day. I stumbled across this while Pinterest-ing with my morning coffee and found it to be an adorable idea.

Here you can pick the color of the ink either corresponding to 1. your wedding colors or 2. the season you’re getting married in– guests stamp their finger print and sign their name. It’s so pretty! Be sure to have either disposable wipies or individually wrapped ones so they don’t get ink all over, though!

What other creative ideas do you ladies have to replace the tradition guestbook?


Kate M.


Walk Down the Aisle: In Style!

There are so many different designs and ways to decorate the aisle of where you step before becoming man and wife. Many brides just opt for the tradition white or red runner, but with DIY, creativity, and inspirations sparking new ideas more than ever, it’s a guarantee that this wedding season will bring a new different aisle style that you’re sure to love.

DIY: This idea has been circulating around Pinterest over the past couple weeks. It’s a timeline of the couple’s special day. Fell in love with this idea. Starts as the bride and groom with their childhood photos, how the couple met, first date, vacations, milestones, the proposal, and all the way up to their wedding day. After the ceremony, the couple will be able to escape for photos while guests take a look at the timeline before heading over to the reception.

Florals: Using flower petals to create hearts or rings (like wedding rings) down the aisle is a creative way to utilize more florals into your wedding day. Purchase fresh petals, or silk artificial ones in bulk packs of 100 + .


Let People Pave the Way: This is such a creative idea– have your loved ones and family stand in two parallel lines to represent an aisle that you can walk down. Umbrellas (shown above), candles, butterflies cupped in each person’s hand, lanterns, or balloons are creative and interactive ways to create an aisle that everyone will love to be involved in.


Love these ideas– what are you using for your aisle?

Love & Tulle,