I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine about what shades of white we were thinking about for ourselves on that (far off in the horizon) big day we’ve been dreaming about since the first time we were little girls and dressed up as Cinderella two years in a row (guilty as charged). I personally have never been interested in wearing a pure white wedding dress, but my friend has told me she 100 percent will be wearing stark white on her wedding day. Well, I got to thinking: there are so many shades of white–what are they? I refer to Paraezo wedding blog for this one.

What a stunning Lazaro gown! This looks to be a lovely ivory shade.

What a stunning Lazaro gown! This looks to be a lovely ivory shade.

Stark white: The “purest” of whites.

Off whites: only very slightly different from white–you may not even know it wasn’t stark white unless comparing the two.

Ivory: also known as “eggshell,” with undertones of yellow. A cream colored white.

Champagne: a darker shade of white with hints of yellow, similar to a deep ivory.

Rum pink: a white with pink undertones that look almost white when photographed.


Also, refer to this post from Here Comes the Guide. Both offer insightful information about the different shades of white. Now ladies, I have a question for you: Do you believe in that traditional notion that only brides of the “purest” of hearts can wear pure white? We’d love to hear your thoughts!