2013 is already off to an amazing start in the wedding world. All around us, couples are getting engaged and wedding professionals are bubbling over with excitement for the 2013 wedding season. A new year is fun for many reasons, but in the wedding world, it means one very special thing — new wedding trends! Each year, the color palettes, the themes, and the wedding must haves are different. So for the wedding professional, a new year is like a Christmas Day of creativity and fun new projects. So today to indulge ourselves, wedding lovers, and brides like you we are discussing one of our most favorite wedding trends for 2013: luxurious lounges! The wedding lounge has been around for a few years now, but in 2012 is when they really started to become a wedding favorite. However, this year they are taking a very sweet turn and are swaying toward luxury and all out fabulousness. Not only are wedding lounges gorgeous, they are a major hit with weddings guests. The lounge allows for guests to step away from the hustle and bustle of the wedding reception and sit back and enjoy intimate conversations. Not that the wedding reception is overwhelming, but a having a lounge creates a different atmosphere entirely for your guests and for the wedding reception. If you are planning a wedding as you read this, Oh-Brides suggests that you consider this fabulous wedding trend for 2013. What’s not to love about a wedding detail that is not only gorgeous, but useful? For inspiration, check out the gorgeous gallery of luxurious lounges we’ve got below. 


Will you include a luxurious lounge in your wedding this year? Share your ideas with us here!


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