When the amazing Ross Oscar Knight agreed to shoot over cover photo, we were more than excited and the beautiful cover photo speaks to why. Oh-Brides had such a great day at the Fern Bank Museum shooting the cover with our amazing staff and contributors that we have decided to give you a behind the scenes look at the photo shoot that brought to life our very first cover and the breathtaking fashion photos that fill our premiere issue!

 Our beautiful cover model, Destinee Wilson, and photographer, Ross Oscar Knight, prepare for the very first photos!

Ross and his assistant, Tara, discuss photos and prepare for the cover shot!

Ross has a great idea to shoot a photo in the beautiful round windows of the Fern Bank Museum. Destinee is up for the challenge. Thanks to them, the premiere of Oh-Brides Magazine has an amazing cover!

Model, Julianne Espy, receives some last minute touchups before her fabulous photo shoot!

Ross takes this unique shot as Destinee sits in one of the round openings on the third floor of the museum!




We hope that you enjoyed the behind the scenes look at the cover photo shoot!