You may or may not have heard, but today is the very last day of New York’s third annual Bridal Fashion Week — held this year at Pier 94. This international convention is the host of the most up and coming bridal fashion and each year it sets the stage for what makes it or breaks it on the bridal fashion scene. Couture and high fashion aren’t just words that are thrown around at this event, these words embody the event itself. Each year, fashion veterans and those fresh on the scene show the world what steps bridal fashion is taking next. Since day one, on October 13th, Oh-Brides has been bubbling with excitement to see what changes this week will bring to the world of weddings. In honor of the event and in order to share some of our excitement with brides like you, this week’s blog will be dedicated entirely to bridal fashion. Stay tuned each day for great designer collections, interesting bridal accessories, runway worthy shoes, and much much more!

Today, Oh-Brides is bringing you the 2013 collection of Atelier Aimee. We love that these awe-inspiring dresses  that combine looks that instantly bring to mind images of the old South and Southern belles but in a very modern way that is both striking, yet feminine.

Do these looks inspire you? Let us know!