Let’s be honest, bridesmaid gifts can often suck…a lot. Even more so when there is no thought given to the selection of the gift and/or they are completely useless. Many bridesmaids complain that they often receive gifts from the bride that are only relevant to the wedding day, such as shoes that match the bridesmaid dress or jewelry that only is suitable for the wedding attire. Not that bridesmaids aren’t grateful for the additional help with the cost of participating in your big day, but most bridesmaids don’t want a gift that means nothing in terms of sentimentality. Especially the women who you have pegged as the most important women in your life. Don’t be that bride. Check out our suggestions and avoid giving a sucky gift to your best girls.

1. Personalized Gift Cards 
Show that you really know the personalities of your maids by giving them a gift that they will love. Personalized gift cards to get a mani/pedi or a fun makeup session on you will be appreciated by almost any girl. Gift cards are fun because they can be tailored to match the personality/interests of each maid and they show that some thought was put into the gift. You can’t go wrong with this fun option.

2. Custom Gift Baskets/Bags
Fill a cute decorated basket or a monogrammed bag with things that you know each maid loves for a great bridesmaid gift. This option allows for a bit of personalization for each gift and again shows that you know and appreciate them for who they are. Also, an additional perk is that custom presents like these allow you to get creative! If you aren’t the DIY type bride, then a give your maids a box of their favorite treat or order a pre-made basket online. The choices are endless!

3. A Drink of Choice
Many bridesmaids have spoken up and said they would love to get a bottle of their favorite wine or liquor. If these seem a little impersonal, no worries! Etsy has a great selection of custom labels that you can add to this gift. Add a sweet message to each maid and you instantly have a great gift!

4. Photo Session
If you want to go big, then giving each bridesmaid their own photography session is a unique option. A personalized photo session allows each maid to have great professional photos of themselves and have a great time. Incorporate the photo session of each woman into the wedding by having a “meet the maids” table that features one of their photos and information about why you chose each woman to be by your side on your wedding day.

5. Tickets
Give your bridesmaids tickets to a fun upcoming play or a sporting event that you all love and make a fun bonding experience out of the trip. If you want to go more personal, give each woman something different that appeals to her likes and interests. There are lots of possibilities and ways to go with tickets and your maids are sure to love them.

6. Brand Name Them
Do you know that your girls each have a separate brand name they love, such as Vera Bradley, Coach, Lilly Pulitzer, etc.? Then brand name them with a gift from their favorite designer. A cute clutch, a great suitcase, a planner, and much more can make a really great gift. Plus, knowing their favorite brands will show that you know them and really care about their likes.

7. Personalized Tumblers 
Tumblers are all the rage lately and they haven’t slowed down yet. Get in on the hype and either make or buy personalized Tumblers for your bridesmaids. You can monogram them, decorate with their favorite colors, or completely theme them out. They are a fun and useful gift for a girly or not so girly woman.

8. Custom Perfume 
About a month ago we featured a blog about custom perfumes to be used as favors. However, we love them as an idea for bridesmaid gifts as well. Give each scent you custom made for them or make a party out of it and have them each create their own scent to wear the day of the wedding. This gift idea is fun and practical as they can use the scent later.

9. Getting Ready Clothes
A nice rob or a cute button up shirt are a fun idea for the bridesmaids. It gives them all something cute to wear for getting ready and all the photos that come along with the pre-wedding prep. You can monogram them as well or just get different ones for each maid to add a little something extra.

10. Buy the Bridesmaid Dress 
This may not be for every bride or bridesmaid, but some bridesmaids have commented that the best gift of all is when the bride pitches in on the cost of buying the dress. However, this may not be for the more sentimental bride or maid. So it might be great to pitch in with the dress and get a sweet gift for each bridesmaid. This can help then out and show that you care!

These are just a few options. The key is just to know your bridesmaids and what they would like when choosing a gift. Think of what you would have or have no wanted as a bridesmaid and make sure to make it personal and show that you appreciate their support.

Share the best bridesmaid gift you’ve received here with us! We appreciate the feedback!