No other piece of jewelry says ‘I love you’ more deeply than that of a diamond engagement ring. It’s a promise of eternal unity and infinite love. When searching for the perfect ring, you’ll want her to have something she will love for a lifetime, which is why you should choose a ring that compliments her, one that embodies her style, her personality, and her beauty.

Yael Designs ringWith so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to find the perfect match, but as long as you know what to look for, you should have a good idea of where to start. You don’t necessarily have to be a jeweler to understand diamond quality and its standards.  Always consider the 4C’s (Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat) before you pop the question. This will help you to determine the best quality engagement ring for her.

The cut is considered to be the most important characteristic of a diamond. This determines the brilliance or sparkle of the diamond. It’s best to find the highest grade in your budget.

The color actually refers to the absence of color in the diamond; it’s the colorless appearance in a white diamond; you want to choose a diamond with little to no color for best value.

The clarity refers to the natural microscopic imperfections in the all but the finest of diamonds. Thus, the diamond with the least imperfections has the highest quality grade.

Lastly, the carat is a measurement of the diamonds weight, and may not accurately reflect its overall size. In choosing the appropriate carat weight, consider her finger size, the setting size, and of course the size of your budget.

Other things you may want to consider are band width (thin or chunky), shape (round or square), and colored diamonds (white, blue, yellow, pink, etc).

If you’re in need of a little inspiration, this Rose engagement ring from Yael Designs (pictured at top left) would be an ideal piece for the special lady in your life. This stunning ring is from their Luna Diamond Collection. It has 18k of two tone gold, and features a gorgeous setting of natural pink diamonds at the center, making this ring a true masterpiece that will make any girl breathless.

More about Yael Designs: A company out of San Francisco, California, known for its remarkably bold, art-inspired fine jewelry. Winners of multiple AGTA Spectrum Awards and JCK Jewelers Choice Awards, this company has been highly acclaimed by publications such as InStyle, Glamour, and Forbes. Even actress, Kerry Washington has been spotted rocking Yael Design pieces on the red carpet.

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