Choosing your florist can be a difficult task, especially in a bigger city with plenty of vendors to choose from. I’ve been in the planning stages of my own wedding and I can see how difficult it can be to make that decision. Various florists promise years of experience, budget friendly ideas, and tons of options– how on earth will you pick one?

Purple accent florals and ivory roses are dominating my wedding bouquets (pictured above). Taken with Instagram

Set a budget : It’s so easy to have your breath taken away from the various colors, varieties, and ideas that you have for your wedding flowers, but try your hardest to stay on budget. Wedding experts say to plan for your wedding budget being taken up by 8% of your budget. This includes boutonnieres, bouquets, church florals and reception decorations.

Bring Inspiration: Describing what you are looking for by dialoging with your florist is very different than actually bringing visuals and examples of what you’re looking for. Bring in photos from your favorite wedding magazine (like OhBrides? ;)), an inspiration board or notebook, or even real florals if there is something in particular you’re just dying to incorporate into your wedding.

Seeing is Believing. It’s important to check in with your florist and make sure that what you’ve visualizing, planning, and paying for is what you’re actually getting. Your florist will be more than glad to meet with you even a couple times if needbe to show you examples and visuals of what you’ll be receiving on your wedding day. Your florist will welcome the communication between you and him/her– trust me!


Love & Planning,