Looking for an original wedding invitation that has yet to be created?  Graphic design and print media is becoming more and more of a popular way to go. A great way to create a unique invite + everything to go with it is to hire a graphic designer that specializes in wedding and event design. By doing a simple search on Etsy, you can find plenty of graphic artists who can design the perfect invite for you. Here’s how it works:

  •  Pick an Etsy vendor that has examples of wedding, engagement, or bridal invites so you can see their style
  •  Choose your Etsy user and place the ” deposit” to have them create your invites– this fee is so affordable! Anywhere from 5-35 dollars.
  •  Shoot them an email with inspirations and ideas of what you’d like for your invites
  •  The additional fee for them to create the invite and set itself can range anywhere from 35-100
  •  Designer will shoot you a proof for you to approve/ask for edits
  •  Once you get the final proof, upload or take to Staples, Fed Ex, Kinkos, local printer, etc and they will print for you.

Invites can cot anywhere from 400-1000 to have printed from your typical brand or supplier, but you can create an original and one of a kind design and print it for under $350.

 Happy Inviting 🙂

Love & Tulle,


Photo Courtesy of Etsy.com