We don’t live in a perfect world and as perfect as your marriage or your friends marriage may seem to the public, we all know that sometimes, that isn’t the case.

Many married couples talk about the spark that once existed in their marriage and how it slowly began to dwindle throughout the years.

Granted, the loss of excitement doesn’t necessarily qualify for a divorce or separation but it can cause insecurity and uncertainty, which could lead to bigger problems.

Many women say that they don’t have sex as often as they’d like or get to spend as much alone time with their husband anymore due to work, aging children or plain fatigue.

Though this is understandable, it is not acceptable or healthy for any marriage.

Marriage is an on-going project that requires effort and consistency from both the husband and wife and can be stronger and healthier if both take an active role in ensuring so.

Dating during marriage is important because it ramps up the intimacy and keeps the marriage interesting and entertaining.

Taking the time out of your week or month as a couple to plan a lunch, picnic, night on the town or just an evening without work or kids will help your marriage through the rough patches.

Here are a few awesome date night ideas for married couples



Photo by The Painted Pin

Double date with another married couple: Ask your favorite married couple to meet you and hubby out for a night on the town. The night can start at an upscale bowling ally such as The Painted Pin if you’re in the Atlanta area, and end with and intimate dinner with plenty of wine and lots of laughs.


Photo by Miami And Beaches

Roof-Top Dinner Date: Instead of the traditional dinner date at your favorite restaurant, try finding a new location, preferably one with a rooftop that overlooks your favorite part of the city. Setting the mood starts with the perfect scenery and what better way to spend time with your honey than having dinner underneath the stars.


Photo by Atlanta Trails

Get Physical: Not all couples enjoy sweating outside of the bedroom but if you and your husband don’t mind, then go for it. Plan a date where you spend the day doing several physical activities. You all can go rock climbing, bike riding, hiking, and horseback riding or even ice-skating.


Photo by Destination 360

Pack Your Bags: Traveling alone with your spouse always eases the tension and affords you quality time. Find a destination that you both love and book your trip. Whether it is an island with warm weather and beautiful beaches or bundling up to hit the slopes in the mountains, just pack your bags and go.