Bride-to-Be: Tamara Robinson

  Groom-to-Be: Sedrick Robinson

    Wedding Date: October 29, 2011

 Photos Taken by: Darrell Moye of Moye Photography 

Robinson! Robinson!

The upcoming marriage between Tamara Robinson and Sedrick Robinson is a very special one to the Oh-Brides family.  Not only have the future bride and groom known the Oh-Brides family for over 20 years, they have also known each other for that long, by growing up together. Tamara won’t even have to worry about changing her last name, because she and Sedrick share the same common last name of Robinson, so no DMV trip for her.  We are so excited to feature Tamara and Sedrick’s engagement this week and be sure to check back when we feature their real wedding in the fall. You just might recognize a familiar face in the wedding party…I’ll give you a hint—she is the Matron of Honor.

The Proposal

Her Story:  “Sedrick and I have been dating for the last 3 years.  On every Christmas Eve, we would drive down to Macon from Atlanta to spend Christmas with our families.  We always would stay at my mother’s home.  On this last particular Christmas Eve, Sedrick and I were watching old school videos with my Aunt Linda and nephew Nasir.  We laughed and talked until a little after midnight.”

“Every Christmas we would open a gift at midnight.  So, we went into my bedroom at my mom’s, and I gave him his gift, which included tons of Georgia’s football memorabilia (he is a huge Georgia Football Fan.)  He was so excited!  Next, it was my turn to open my gift, it was a throw (first thought: “Really, a throw?!”)  I always stay covered up at home in a throw, and had mentioned that I needed another one because my old one was thinning out!!  I smiled reluctantly and gave him a kiss, and said it is the thought that counts. I really felt that it was the thought that counts! So, as I was wrapping up in my new throw, he came from around the bed with a ring in hand, and he got on one knee, and asked for my hand in marriage.  I was SHOCKED!  I kept saying over, and over again: “Sed, stop playing.”  When it hit me that he was for real, I said, “I will!!!”

His Story: “I knew I wanted to marry Tamara for a while but I was just trying to figure out the right time.  We visited Las Vegas and I was thinking about doing it then but the timing was never right. It’s tradition that during Christmas we visit her mother’s house and they have a dinner on Christmas Eve. At midnight, it was her family’s tradition to open one gift, so we decided to exchange gifts in her old bedroom. I knew that this would be the night that I would ask Tamara to marry me.  When I gave Tamara her gift (it was a throw) she gave a hesitant smile but nonetheless said that it was the thought that counted. I knew that this was the perfect moment because she was least expecting it. While she was wrapping herself up in the throw, I came from around that bed, got one knee with the ring in my hand, and asked Tamara to marry me. She was so shocked and she couldn’t even really believe that it was happening. She finally said yes and it made it even more special because her mother and aunt were there and could celebrate with us.”