When we think of the perfect location, most times, we think of the ones we’ve seen in our favorite love story or the ones we’ve imagined from our favorite romance novel.

That typically includes a church or cathedral that has been decorated to fit the theme and color palette of one’s wedding and is filled with rows of their closest family members and friends.

Not to take anything away from those weddings because they are special and scared in their own right, but what about those women who have dreamed of a more luxurious wedding?

A Luxurious wedding that takes place on an island with a group of friends or on the rooftop of their favorite building overlooking New York City.

Finding the perfect venue starts with having a vision and hiring someone who helps you live it out.

Find a good wedding planner who specializes in luxury weddings and more importantly – dealing with luxurious brides.

Set a date and being to look for locations.

When you begin to look for locations, don’t ever count a place out because you think it is impossible to book.

Some of the most “impossible” places in the world make for beautiful wedding locations.

There is no such thing as perfect, unless it pertains to weddings.

Here are some of our favorite wedding locations:

Mike-and-Nishitas-Rooftop-Reception-3Rooftop wedding

Photo By Exquisite Events

1 Canopy Wedding

Lin and Jirsa Photography

5California Wedding

Andrena Photography

52c2faa12c50e_USA11_Astami_PhotosHotel Wedding

Atami Photography