Losing weight before your wedding day can be stressful with so many get-skinny-quick schemes and blog posts out there misleading women into believing that they can shed pounds weeks or even days before tying the knot.

Most women struggle with weight and image issues on a daily basis and the idea of standing in front of a room full of people who love you yet feeling insecure about your body makes wanting to lose weight a priority for many women soon to marry.

Not only do you want to lose those love handles or maximize those curves, but you also want to alleviate the stress of not being able to say “yes” to the dress because you don’t look or feel your best.

We promise there aren’t any schemes here, just tips to help our future brides get fit and fab just in time for their wedding day.

Start Early

After you’ve decided on a wedding day, you should begin your fitness journey to ensure that you’ll reach your goal. No matter if you’re looking to shed 10 pounds or 50, the road to slimming down should begin months before you say “I Do!” Start by identifying your target areas and focusing on fitness and dietary plans that can contribute to weight loss.

Fitness Should Be A Priority

Working out should become a part of your daily routine once you decide to take on the challenge of losing weight before your wedding day. Get in the habit of reserving time for the gym or fitness class so that you’ll get adjusted to working out. At this point, fitness should be just as high on your priority list as your cake sampling, dress fitting and appointments with your wedding planner. Putting off working out due to a hectic schedule may seem like a justifiable excuse at the moment but you’ll kick yourself for it later.

Simple Sampling

You’re going to be sampling a ton of different foods from some of the best chefs and catering companies in your city in a very short amount of time. With so many appetizers, main dishes and cakes to choose from, you’ll be tempted to try them all but that won’t necessarily agree with your weight loss plans. Try to stay simple in your sampling and take two to three small bites for each dish. This allows you to get an idea of which samples you like without packing on extra calories. If you know you’ll be consuming extra food on certain days try to keep your breakfast and lunch portions small so that you’ll have room for sampling.

Limit Alcohol Consumption

Planning a wedding can be very stressful and trust us when we tell you that we completely understand. After a long week of viewing venues, scouting floral designers and choosing color palettes, you’ll get to a point where the only you’ll want to throw back is a glass of wine. While we completely understand your pain, we wouldn’t suggest increasing your alcohol intake. If you must drink, choose diet-friendly drink and pace yourself.  Try to stick to a maximum of three glasses per week. Skinny Girl Cocktail offers easy low-cal cocktail recipes.

Have A Support System

With all the stress from planning your big day, sometimes you’ll get discouraged or just simply tired and want to stay as far away from the gym as possible. Having a support system (Hello! What are bridesmaids for?) will help to keep your motivated and excited about your weight loss journey. When you begin to feel overwhelmed, bring one of your bridesmaids along to the gym with you. Losing weight and looking good feel so much better when you do it with friends.

Stay Thirsty

With all of the errands you’ll be running, keeping yourself hydrated may fall to the bottom of your priority list. Recent studies have shown that drinking water throughout the day helps you consume less calories.  To help prevent overeating keep a bottle of water in your car, in your office and in your gym bag. This will ensure that you’re receiving your daily intake of H2O and can help you fill up faster.