On December 8, 2015, Donnell Baldwin and Courtney Arrington-Baldwin, husband and wife duo and founders of Mr. Baldwin Style, will release their first co-authored book, GROOMS: A Professional Stylist’s Guide to Wedding Day Apparel for Every Budget.

 Now available for pre-order on MrBaldwinStyle.com, Amazon.com and select specialty stores, GROOMS was written as a style and go-to guide for the modern groom. In the book, the Mr. Baldwin Style team provides insight on how to begin the selection process of a man’s wedding day attire, how to master the look, and ways to save money in the process. Set in the Hamptons and Manhattan, included in the book are more than 150 photographs styled by Mr. Baldwin Style and captured by talented wedding and fashion photographer, Alea Lovely.


“After attending countless weddings and planning our own, it was clear to us that amongst all the event preparation and attention to the bride’s wedding gown, the groom’s attire often becomes an afterthought,” says GROOMS co-author and menswear stylist, Donnell Baldwin. “Through this book, we want to inspire men to get excited about their look(s) for the big day and help guide them in the planning and execution of it, all while considering what will best complement their partner and wedding style.”


Uniquely coined by the authors, chapter titles are inspired by eight types of grooms including “The Classic Groom Remixed,” “The Rustic Groom,” “The Holiday Groom” and more, the book breaks down a number of looks per groom type and educates men on how to “Get the Look” in a curated shopping list and “Master the Details” by focusing on key yet often difficult elements such as tuxedo pants and shirts, braces (suspenders), boutonnières, and ways to spruce up the groomsmen while still distinguishing the groom as the man of the moment.  

Considerate of wedding theme, location, venue and the budget-conscious groom,GROOMS advises further with entire chapters dedicated to “The Look for Less” and “Styling Tips & Planning” where readers can learn to understand levels of formality, create wedding day apparel timelines and how to properly wear a suit or tuxedo.

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In the foreword written by Steve Moore, Wedding Designer of over ten years and owner of Sinclair & Moore, Moore states, “The following pages will help you think beyond a rented tux by giving you permission to be fashionable and think outside the box. This book will help you define your personal style while teaching you how to customize it to the style of your wedding.”

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Title: GROOMS: A Professional Stylist’s Guide to Wedding Day Apparel for Every Budget

Authors: Donnell Baldwin and Courtney- Arrington Baldwin

Publisher: Sutton Place Press

Photographer: Alea Lovely

Release Date: December 8, 2015

Price: U.S. $39.95

Language: English

Hardcover: 184 pages

Dimensions: 8.25 x 9.25 x 0.75 inches

Online availability for purchase:






Courtney and Donnell Baldwin are a married couple living in Midtown Manhattan. Following their wedding in 2012, both became interested in wardrobe styling for grooms after realizing the lack of attention to detail in the planning and execution of grooms’ wedding day attire. Mixing Donnell’s fifteen-year career in the fashion industry (primarily with Ralph Lauren and as a menswear stylist and styling editor) with Courtney’s fourteen-year experience as an engineer and owner’s representative in the construction industry, Mr. Baldwin Style was born. As a New York City based company, Mr. Baldwin Style focuses on wardrobe styling and image consulting for the modern groom and gentleman, as well as photo shoot production. Understanding that “groom stylist” is a new term and service, Courtney and Donnell penned GROOMS to provide soon-to-be-married couples with expert advice on grooms’ apparel from planning to flawless execution. For more information, please visit MrBaldwinStyle.com.

Photography by Alea Lovely Fine Art Photogrpahy