We’re all familiar with the traditional guestbook signing before the wedding ceremony or before your guests head into the wedding reception. A little “blurb” is written and guests are on their way. Let’s be honest though–once we do have our guestbook we will most likely tuck it away in our new house or apartment, unlike to be looked at until our next wedding anniversary.

A creative and unique idea is to have your guests leave their “prints” in memory of your wedding day. I stumbled across this while Pinterest-ing with my morning coffee and found it to be an adorable idea.

Here you can pick the color of the ink either corresponding to 1. your wedding colors or 2. the season you’re getting married in– guests stamp their finger print and sign their name. It’s so pretty! Be sure to have either disposable wipies or individually wrapped ones so they don’t get ink all over, though!

What other creative ideas do you ladies have to replace the tradition guestbook?


Kate M.