Your fiancé has done his part by finding the perfect ring and the right time to ask you to spend the rest of your life with him.

After the initial bliss of being engaged and the realization of planning and preparing for a wedding kicks in, you soon begin to realize that you cannot possibly do it alone.

Finding the right bridesmaids is no easy task considering the financial and time commitment required of your closest friends or relatives.

Finding women who are dedicated to your happiness, committed to executing your vision and fierce enough to hold it all together when you feel that you just cannot, is a challenge within itself.

But what happens when you do find those people, how do you muster up enough courage to invite them to be apart of your special day?

Calling would be so cliché and let’s be honest, sending a text message screams, “ I know that you don’t really want to do it but I’m paying for your dress so please show up.”

Your fiancé found the courage and now it is time for you to figure out how you will “propose” to your bridesmaids.


Say It With A Gift


Image by Kate Spade

What better way to ask your closest friend to join you on your special day than with a special gift? Let’s face it, a beautiful piece of jewelry lets your friend know that you mean serious business when it comes to your wedding and that you are ready to create lasting memories with them.


Write a heartfelt letter or poem

Image by Marry Grams

Nothing says I love you, I appreciate you, or I need you more than a heartfelt letter or poem. Customize your piece to describe what or how you feel about your friend or relative and why you would appreciate them spending their time making your big day that much special.


Plan a backyard dinner

Image by Troy Grover

Invite your entire intended bridesmaid party to beautifully set up backyard party. Make sure the conversation is easy, the setting is right and that the food is delicious. Before the dinner ends, make an announcement, first reflecting on how you enjoyed your time with the women and then on the special bond you hold with each one of them. As they all get teary-eyed, humbly ask them to join you on your special day as your bridesmaids.