The ceremony is over and the reception is underway.  Your guests have eaten to their hearts content and now it is time for something sweet.  The wedding cake, which has been the staple dessert in wedding receptions for quite some time, is now receiving some fierce competition with dessert bars.

Now I must warn all of you who are on diets, that you may want to stop reading this, because I am pretty sure that you won’t be able to resist.

Many couples are now indulging their guests in dessert bars filled with tasty treats.  From mini cupcakes, to chocolate-covered pretzels, and cookies, couples are pulling out all of the stops when it comes to their desserts.

I know it is hard to believe, but I have come across many people who do not like cake.  With a dessert bar, you can still give a sugar fix to your guests who are not partial to cake.

But some may ask, “Aren’t wedding cakes enough?”  Many couples are using their weddings to express their individual styles and personalities more than ever and a dessert bar is a perfect way to show your guests that unique style. Maybe you like a good pecan pie, but your new husband loves cheesecake.  With a dessert bar, everyone can have what they want in little bites.  You could even feature one kind of dessert such as cookies or candy and have many varieties for their guests to taste.

Now for all of you budget saving brides, having a dessert bar could prove to be cost effective for you.  Instead of having a huge wedding cake, you could have a smaller cake and a dessert bar filled with mini cupcakes to serve to your guests.  Your dessert bar can also double as your wedding favors by placing bags on the table and letting your guests fill them with the special treats.

I hope to see dessert bars continue in wedding receptions and parties in general.  I’m sure like most of you, your stomachs would thank you.

 Photos Courtesy of  Sugar Style Events