There is no doubt that lace is in and has been for a while now. Brides are gravitating toward this feminine and gorgeous material for their weddings gowns for good reason. However, brides love lace not just for its pretty aesthetic, but also because of the versatility of its look. Brides can rock a style that is anything from rustic to vintage to modern to glamorous while wearing a fabulous lace gown. Of course, lace is not limited to the wedding dress. Lace can be incorporated into the wedding day attire in many different ways — veils, shoes, gloves, tights, and much more. But it’s this fabulous lace jewelry from the White Owl Etsy shop that we recently fell the most in love with here at Oh-Brides. Take a look! We have no doubt that you will agree with us on this one.

Talk about making a unique statement. Wearing one of these bold pieces will definitely make you stand out.

Bridal cuffs are becoming more and more popular with brides that love a modern look. This lace cuff is a unique twist on the popularity of both lace and the bridal cuff.

What do you think? Would you wear lace jewelry at your wedding?