In the world of fashion, Australian native Christian McCulloch has worked with Oscar de la Renta, Tory Burch, Donna Karan and max Mara. Outside of fashion, he is currently a favorite of Emma Stone, Jessica Biel and Hilary Swank. He is most known for dramatic eye makeup(his favorite!) and has the talent to bring visions to fruition with a flare. As Dolce and Gabbana’s new National Makeup Artist, Christian travels to share his passion for Dolce and Gabbana while being able to meet women all over the world with different styles and personalities that he can enhance with the sweep of his magical makeup brush.  Join in the discussion as he discuss Dolce and Gabbana products and must have for brides and his passion for transformation.


OB: The PassionEyes mascara by Dolce and Gabbana it comes in 3 shades, Nero, Terra and Blu Indaco. How would a bride choose the best color for her?

CM: The color is just another way to create dimension. For example, the blue that we do is very deep, so it’s not garish…. the different hue options enhance and gives girls that “pretty, feminine, and classic glamor.”

OB: Weddings are always an emotional time, what techniques would you recommend for a bride to help avoid mishaps?

CM: Waterproof! Waterproof! Waterproof Mascara! Weddings are always emotional, and you don’t want to have your dress or pictures ruined by runny mascara. Go light on the makeup. You will be dancing and sweating, and the last thing you want to worry about is getting makeup all over. Less adds so much more!

OB: when using makeup frequently, what type of regime would you recommend to keep skin healthy and fresh?

CM: Caring for your skin should be something you focus on long before your ceremony. Each day you should wash your face with a mild cleanser, allow your skin to breathe by taking makeup off each night and exfoliating a couple times a month. for an extra perk, you can have a facial one month before and two weeks before your big day. It is really simple to keep your face clean and healthy.

OB: What are some of the popular trends you see for weddings this season?

CM: There isn’t a blanket recommendation for all brides. Their makeup should reflect who they are and the style of their wedding. Classic pinks are always great for fair skin and gold and warm colors look great on darker skin tones for weddings. It is important for the bride to have a clean look that enhances beauty and doesn’t overshadow the details that they have planned so carefully.

OB: What do you enjoy the most about being a makeup artist?

CM: I love the transformative aspect of makeup. How it makes you look, how it makes you feel. I have the ability to enhance natural features, a skill I cherish. I love to make women the most beautiful versions of themselves.

OB: Other tips:

CM: Have a trial run of your spray tan done well in advance. You want it to look natural, and if you don’t like it, you have time for it to wear off.

Written by Jekaren Taylor