Happy Wednesday Oh-Brides!

My creative juices as a bride-to-be usually are ever-flowing, but everyonce in a blue moon I find my creativity and inspiration for my wedding day come to an abrupt HALT.

This week’s mental block? My “altar”.

Yes, I have the church with a beautiful entry way, traditional pews, but the “altar” is so bare! While you can use florals to decorate the center of your ceremony, why not think outside the box?


Photo Courtesy of weddingchicks.com

Use a “mantle” as your altar. Decorate with candles, vases, or photos.

Photo Courtesy of aliceinweddingland.co.uk

If your wedding theme is outdoors or more ‘casual’, use 4 trunk posts and decorate with vines, twinkle lights, or wildflowers.

Photo Courtesy of punambean.com

Open the “door” to the new chapter of your life. I LOVE this idea– using different frames and doors to create a backdrop that its creative and corresponding to your colors and theme. You can use more elegant frames and french doors, or use an idea similiar to the one shown above.

What are you using for your altar?


Love & Tulle,