Oh Brides Magazine is proud to have the phenomenal Author and Photographer, Ross Oscar Knight host The Grooms Lounge at “Propose” on September 28, 2014. Knight’s passion is to connect with people around the world to learn about their stories. Traveling both nationally and internationally to observe, participate in and document culture. Through his images, he preserve history for current and future generations to relive and to cherish. In 2003, Ross Oscar Knight started a journal to record his ambitions, successes and failures. Documenting his emotional journey to living a purpose-driven life and becoming a photographer.

Him Cover-3 Four years later, Knight gained the courage to start a blog and share some of his thoughts publicly. His most recent work ‘In His Moment’ is a must read for men and women before getting married. During a wedding, a groom’s thoughts and words can easily surrender to the commotion around him, often going unnoticed. In this book, Ross Oscar Knight explores the stories behind some of his most memorable images of men. A collection of candid stories from grooms about their unspoken feelings and emotions before and during their wedding day.

“I often revisit my journals – reading them weekly has become the impetus for authoring a collection of books about photography …”