Well, hello there beautiful! I’m glad you’ve joined us here again at Oh-Brides.com for day 3 of our bridal fashion week tribute. In case you missed it, yesterday we featured a trend that made its way into the spring 2013 collections of many, many designers — the illusion neckline. However, today we are mixing it up and bringing to you a bridal fashion that hasn’t hit “trend” worthy status yet, but is definitely causing a stir in the bridal world. The two words “bridal pantsuits” have definitely brought to the forefront a question that has been asked for year, “Would you wear pants at your wedding?” Bridal pantsuits are definitely not new to the bridal fashion scene, but each year more and more designers are adding them to their collections. This year at Bridal Fashion Week, four top designers included a bridal pantsuit in their collection. When you think of pantsuits, the inclination is not to instantly think “wedding!” or “bride” but Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, Sarah Jassir, and Theia can surely make you think twice about excluding pants from bridal attire. Each designer had a completely different look, but each combined elegance and edginess into their look in a way made their looks look feminine, but not frilly.

Of course, bridal pantsuits are probably not for every bride. But who says that a dress is for every bride? One of the things that Oh-Brides loves most about weddings is how different they are from each other. No two brides will ever have the same wedding, the same look, or the same personality. We personally love bridal pantsuits because they offer another great option for a bride that does not see herself walking down the aisle in a tulle ball gown. So check out these four amazing looks and ask yourself, “would I wear a bridal pantsuit?” Your answer may not be an ecstatic “YES!” but we think that you’ll at least love how these amazing designers have taking a look that is traditionally associated with masculinity and completed glammed it up.

Oscar de la Renta

Carolina Herrera

Sarah Jassir