Spring is here, and as much as our allergies are reminding us–flowers are in full bloom as well. With tulips, hydrangeas and wildflowers galore–it’s a brides dream to take her pick of the bunch, that’ll be sure to make her guests “ooh” and “ahh” over her beautiful bouquet.

Oh-Brides is bringing you our top five picks for spring bouquets this year. These elegant arrangements are so lovely–you’ll think twice before sending them flying into the air.


Hydrangeas and roses make for a lovely pairing. The pink, green and white hues just exude pure spring joy and are sure to make a statement during your big walk down the aisle. (Source)


Peonies may be an old standby for spring brides, but there’s a reason these petals have stood the test of time. Their  array of colors, paired with their classic vibe, gives any bride a touch of grace. (Source)


There’s something especially vintage-esque about a pale rose flower arrangement. The vibrant green wildflowers accompanied with the lightest toned roses adds a natural feel to any bouquet. (Source)


Wildflowers aren’t just for the eclectic bride. For more of an outdoor feel–go for a wild floral arrangement to add to the woodsy mystique. (Source)


Rounding our list out, we give you a truly classic spring bouquet with tones of pastels that blend perfectly with the sprigs of green. This colorful, yet subtle arrangement is a keeper for sure. (Source)