Have a food or drink station at your wedding is a trend that we fall in love with more and more every day. The options are endless and they are fun for guests too! Keep in mind that these different from food stations (buffets0 that typically replace a served, sit down dinner. These stations are more of a fun addition to your reception rather a dinner substitution. See the ideas we love!

1. Popcorn Station

 courtesy of pen n’ paperflowers: studio & design

2. Yogurt Station

courtesy of portraits by lucinda

3.  courtesy of Amy Atlas Events

4. Coffe/Iced Coffee/Hot Chocolate Station

courtesy of Chris Isham Photography 

5. Trail Mix Station

courtesy of Allison Wiley Photography for A Little Savvy Event

6. S’more Station

courtesy of Cookie Creatives by Jennifer

6. Cheese Station

courtesy of Q Avenue Photo

7. Smoothie Station

courtesy of Stay Classic Photography

8. Nacho/Salsa Station

courtesy of Kojo Designs

9. Cupcake Station

courtesy of Anda Photography 

10.  courtesy of wonderful-wedding-site.com

11. Root Beer Float Station

courtesy of Buckets of Grace

12. Cereal Station

courtesy of My Sweet and Saucy


These are just a few of the great station options. What station would you like to have at your reception? Share here!