One of the most important factors that contribute to you having a fabulous wedding day is having a faultless wedding reception that follows.

Pulling off a flawless wedding reception begins with perfecting the seating arrangement for your guests and bridal party.

Guests are an important component when it comes to your big day and you have to provide an unblemished atmosphere to ensure that everyone is fully content so that you can focus on other things (wink).

Let’s face it; whether you’re seating 50 wedding guests or 500, there are always those individuals who just can’t seem to get along.

You want to avoid worrying about petty family drama or silly friend beefs while enjoying your first few hours as a Mrs.

Keep reading for tips on how to seat your wedding reception like a pro:


Know your guests


Photo by: Yitzhak Dala

The purpose of having a seating arrangement is to one, let your guests know that you took time into where they would be sitting and who they’d be sitting with, and also so that you can avoid tension amongst your guests. Be sure to sit down with your honey and go through the lists of names for both his guests and yours. Try to remember simple details about your family and friends so that you won’t sit your cousin Sarah next to your friend Diana who have a hard time being in the same room with together. Your main goal is to avoid awkward situations at any cost.

Make It Clear


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Be sure to inform your guests of their table number before they arrive or as they enter the venue. The worst feeling for a guest is to walk into a venue without a clue as to where they’re sitting. What’s even worst is having family members take over a table and begin to “save seats” for one another and making other guests feel uncomfortable and unwanted. Use name cards and table numbers so that your guests have no questions when it comes to their seating arrangements and no reason to start any commotion.

Help Your Staff


Photo by: Grand Atrium

At this point, you’ve hired a wedding planner, catering company and event staff to help your reception go without flaw. The hardest part of their job is keeping you and your guests happy. In order for that to happen you have to provide a sound blueprint for your guest count and seating arrangements. It’s easier for a catering company to provide impeccable service when they know exactly what they’re in store for when it comes to guests and venue arrangements.


Worry About Yourself



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Granted, it is extremely important to have all your wedding guests feeling as comfortable as possible but don’t forget that this day is about you and your new husband. Traditionally, the bridal party sits in the front of the reception venue at a long table with the bride and groom showcased in the middle. This is where you share memories and endless laughs over champagne and dinner with your bridesmaids and groomsmen.


Table For Two


Photo by: Manolo Doreste

If you’d rather spend time alone with your husband during the reception consider a sweetheart table. The only difference between a sweetheart table and a head table is that one includes the bridal party and the other doesn’t. The sweetheart table provides privacy for the newlyweds and allows for them to share intimate moments without disruption. What’s better than being surrounded by people you love yet having the luxury of alone time with the one who loves you?