Shannon Granville and James Wilson are such a sweet couple. This proposal video shows just that. Shannon confessed to us that she had no idea that the proposal was about to happen. Shannon told us with a smile that “James and I have this game we play called “Top That”. It was something we came up with in order to keep excitement in our relationship. The way it works is that he will come up with a great date of something we’ve never done and the next month I do the same and we try to “TOP” the previous date. Corny…but, it keeps us both on our toes!! Needless to say, I can never top this!!!”.  Oh-Brides loves how sneaky James was with the whole plan. Shannon explained that she did realize that pictures were being taken (not a video), but that they had previously discussed having professional photographs taken of themselves together and she simply thought it was part of the lunch date. This was a day that Shannon and James will surely never forget and neither will we!

Location: Piedmont Park

Expected Wedding Date: Fall 2013

Photographer: Ray Howard of DrawRay Event Photography