Should he ask? Nope, we aren’t talking asking you for your hand in marriage. Should he ask your parents for a blessing before proposing? To some, the answer is obvious, but definitely not synonymous. The traditional first began with only asking for the father’s permission to marry his daughter, and for some that still remains true, but the tradition has definitely changed shape over the years as sexual equality has made it more common for a man hoping to propose to actually ask both parents. Some women love the idea of her future husband asking for the blessing or her father or both parents, but just as many women consider it sexist and an insult to her independence as a free-thinking, grown woman to ask her father or even both of her parents. Well, where do you stand on the issue?

For many, asking for the permission of her parents shows respect and a true desire to be a part of her family. A couple of good things that can come from asking for her parents’ permission is that a yes signifies that everyone is on board and happy about the impending marriage and that it makes her family feel like they are part of the process and the plans. However, to some families, this tradition is just outdated, awkward, and just screams of business¬†transactions. So obviously whether or not to ask is really tricky and definitely varies person to person. To give us more insight on the issue, share your opinions with us and explain why you are for or against this tradition.