The inspiration behind the Sophisticated Luxe Penthouse designed by Teri Schmidt and Keith J. Laverty derived from the Houndstooth linen. From there, the design began to take on a life of its own and began to feel like a Ralph Lauren Penthouse.

Ralph Lauren is known for using tons of hydrangeas, garden roses and lilies in style shoots and decor designs. The floral arrangement in this design is simple, classic and elegant. It packs a ton of power as it is very glamourous yet subtle enough to remain compact.

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Host/Linen: Luxe Linen

Design: Trina Schmidt Weddings & Special Events and Keith J. Laverty

Chinaware: Classic Party Rentals

Rental: Revelry Event Designers and Line 204 Events

Stationery: Li’K Designs

Photography: Studio EMP

Lighting: Luxury DJs

Venue: The Colony House

PR: Rayce PR