With its increasing popularity, the buzz about pre-wedding boudoir photography is growing louder. Opinions are everywhere when it comes to this somewhat risque style of photography with some labeling it nothing more than an exploitation of women and others hailing it as the absolute empowerment of the modern woman. Wherever opinions may lie, more and more brides (and the occasional grooms) are doing boudoir shoots and loving it. Of course, these bold and sexy shoots are not for every bride or every couple, but no one says that a boudoir shoot has to fit a mold. More and more, brides are making boudoir shoots completely their own with different styles and different levels of exposure of their bodies. Still interested? Here’s the scoop.

  • What exactly is boudoir photography?

Boudoir photography is a modern style version of pin-up girl photo shoots. However, the style is not limited to women at all. The boudoir photo shoot is about feeling sexy and confident in your own skin. Many brides or grooms that have them done say that they love the idea because it can also remind them of how great they felt before getting married and how attractive they can be for their partner. Usually the individual being photographed will wear lingerie or nothing at all, but they are not usually provocative in the way that one may think. They typically range from completely PG to PG-13 depending on the bride — think carefully planned poses that are what the photography pros call “implied nudes”. A bride may not be wearing anything, but she is not showing anything either…unless she wants to.  Though many brides prefer to have the shoot done while wearing only lingerie or nothing at all, many other brides have them done while wearing their favorite little black dress or their husbands favorite jersey. The shoot is about intimacy and a fun time for you.

  • What are boudoir photo shoots for?

The most common purpose of the boudoir photo shoot is to have an album created for your spouse to be. Brides often deliver the album to their groom before the ceremony as a pre-wedding gift. However, some brides have them done just to feel confident about themselves before the wedding and to have a remembrance of how they looked and felt before their big day.

  • What photographers do boudoir shoots and what is the cost?

Some photographers offer this as part of a wedding package and some do not offer boudoir photography at all. The opinions about these style photo shoot vary as much among photographers as they do among couples. Some photographers specialize in boudoir photography and offer special studios for photos of this type. The best advice is to ask your wedding photographer if you are comfortable with that person seeing you in an intimate setting. If not, do some research and find a photographer that offers what you are looking for and really makes you feel at ease. If you are uncomfortable, the photo will definitely reflect that. Ask the photographer about his/her pricing; prices vary considerably from photographer to photographer.

  • What is needed for a boudoir shoot?

Most of the time, the photo shoots are done in your home or a photographer’s studio. Depending on what type of photographer you choose, you may or may not need to bring additional props. Photographers that specialize in boudoir offer more in the way of props and setting. Setting aside, you will need an array of outfits, shoes, jewelry, etc. Make sure that you choose items that make you feel sexy and confident. For an extra boost of confidence, we suggest having your hair and makeup professionally done. If you are nervous, bringing along a close friend may be a great addition as well!

If you do opt for lingerie, some of our favorite picks for fabulous and elegant lingerie are: Agent Provocateur, SHOPBOP, Figleaves.com, and Nacey Meyer.

  • Who will see the photos?

Only you, your photographer, and anyone you decide to share them with. Photographers are held the to utmost confidentiality when it comes to boudoir photos. Photographers should give you information stating your privacy rights before the shoot.

Remember, the boudoir shoot is all about you and reflecting your personality. If you decide the boudoir photo shoot is for you, do some research and find out what you will be comfortable with and have fun!


Share your opinions with us! What do you think of boudoir photos?