Nothing will make your wedding decor shine like a touch of metallic. Often missed when developing color schemes, metallics such as silvers, bronze and golds are an elegant way to detail your settings. These metallic wonders can make a splash throughout your wedding, but here are four areas that, with a hint of metallic, will make your big day glitter.

1. The Cake: A simple dusting of gold flakes could be added to create your wedding cake into a one-of-a-kind eye-catcher, or opt for the shock factor in choosing an all gold buttercream frosting.


Source: Cloud 9 Weddings & Events


Source: This is Glamrous


Source: Harwell Photography

2. The Look: Metallics also make a statement in your attire. For the bold metallic bride, try looking for gowns that incorporate metallic or matte sequins into the detailing. If you wish to make metallics a subtle note in your look, try carrying a gold or silver clutch or eye-grabbing metallic shoes, such as the Jimmy Choos below.


Source: Monique Lhuillier


Source: Jimmy Choo


Source: Diane von Furstenberg

3. The Decor: The easiest way to include metallic is, of course, in your decor. Using bronze table settings, such as plating, napkin rings and centerpieces add an exquisite feeling to your decor. Spruce up your lighting by choosing silver or gold holders to create a consistent theme.



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Source: Martha Stewart Living

4. The Invite: Letter-pressed or matte? Serif or sans serif? There are thousands of options when it comes to the invitation. Utilize this first glimpse into your wedding by adding notes of gold leaf in your invitations. If glistening text isn’t your cup of tea, try using gold leaf envelopes to still get the metallic feel without the lettering.


Source: Jolie Jolie Designs


Source: Atelier Isabey



What’s your favorite metallic trend?