Sometimes it’s best to take a step back in time to make a timeless statement. Vintage style weddings are popular for the note of sophistication they have, but also the level of elegance that is achieved by their inspiring decor. To get the vintage look, it’s important to incorporate light, even pastel colors, with rich bronze and golds. It’s also a good idea to add forms of glass into your main decor–items such as a glass candelabra or large glass centerpiece make a statement and is a beautiful element to vintage weddings. It’s also important to use pieces of antique furniture throughout your wedding. Pieces like a vintage restored dresser can be used as a substitute for a cake table, while paper lanterns can have a bit of dressing up with delicate pearls attached, creating a cascading effect.


Bouquet (Pinterest), Cake (Cardin Creative Photography), Candelabra (Kim Graham Photography), Place Setting (Pinterest), Long Table Setting (Gunder Photography), Glasses and Keys (Pinterest), Cakes (Prangly Photography), Cake on Antique Cabinet ( Jody Savage Photography), Lace Lantern (Aya Photography)

What’s your favorite vintage look?