It’s a common trend among new brides. The day after the proposal the freshly engaged tend to make a very determined trip to the local magazine shelf to purchase every bridal magazine out there in search of wedding ideas and inspiration. There are so many magazines and there are certainly more creative ideas, great looks, and fabulous trends than one could ever imagine. So, that probably has many brides wondering “With so many options, how do you choose a wedding style?” With terms like rustic, chic, romantic, vintage, glamorous, modern, couture, etc., etc. thrown around out there in the bridal world, the decision of a wedding style can almost be overwhelming when each style has its own appeal and own aesthetic. Oh-Brides knows how hard it can be to make those style decisions and to put together a well-constructed look. So never fear, Oh-Brides is here to share some tips on how to make the choices that go into creating your perfect wedding day style.

• A great way to narrow down the style preferences that you and your hubby to be might have is to gather the aforementioned magazines, paint swatches, fabrics, clothing photographs, some textured items, etc. and play a game. Take turns picking out items that you each like until you have five items each. This will give you an idea of what is pleasing to your eye and also gives him input into the planning process. Use these items to create a wedding planning binder or smash book of ideas.

• Another great way to narrow down your wedding style (and to incorporate your groom) is to get together and write down memories that you’ve shared as a couple. When writing down the memories, consider these questions: 1) Is there anything about that memory that could be incorporated into our wedding day? 2) Is that memory special enough to be a focus of your wedding? 3). Would the incorporation of the memory be a major focus or a small detail? Take this for example, perhaps you and your fiancee once attended a great outdoor jazz concert. You smiled together, laughed together, and danced the night away under the night sky on that evening and it has always remained a special day for you both of you. A great way to incorporate that memory would be to incorporate stars into your wedding decor and go with a romantic wedding style.

• Of course, remember to take the personalities of you and your groom into consideration. If you are a couple that enjoys the outdoors, hiking, and adventure, perhaps a glamourous wedding is not quite your style. Your wedding day is about the two of your and the love you share together. Be true to your personality as a couple —don’t get distracted by that fabulous couture wedding you spotted on Pinterest. Take the time to consider what you want your wedding to say about your relationship and how you want your day to be remembered.

• Consider the season. You’ve always wanted to have an amazing picnic themed wedding, but to your dispair you’re getting married in December. Don’t ignore this important detail. You can still work picnic detailed items into your day, but maybe picnic blanket reception hosted outside isn’t the way to go. We know this is an extreme, but season is important when choosing flowers, themes, colors, and much more. Don’t forget this important aspect!

• If you already have a location, be sure to consider the architecture or style of the building/site. You don’t want your rustic wedding to clash with the ballroom you’ve chosen or your modern style wedding theme to look out of place in that great country barn you decided on a few months ago. Location is a huge part of the style-setting process. Keep that in mind when choosing a wedding site and when narrowing down your style.

• When you imagine you wedding, what is the most important thing to you? This a great question to consider. Maybe your favorite color should be your main focus or maybe your love of DIY projects. Do some inner searching as a couple to narrow down what details are important. The possibilities for a wedding theme or style are endless. You can’t go wrong as long as you stay true to yourselves as individuals and as a couple.

Wedding planning can be a very fun and exciting process, but can be a nightmare when you don’t even know where to start. Keep your heart and your mind open and inspiration will come. For now, happy planning!